Sunday, 26 January 2014

26/01/14 Villain (1971)

What do you get if you cross:

Vincent Cassel

Dot Cotton?

This bloke. Now known as Vincedot.

Anyway this is a surprisingly obscure film about a shady cockney bummer (For non Brits: criminal, London based homosexual) who shows his affection for people by punching them, as well as punching people he doesn't like, and does a bank job with some of his chums. Including Vincedot. Above average, but not great. Lots of odd accents.

Mark1 Ford Capri and clothing brought to you by 1970's fashion brand House of Brown.

"Blimey! It says here that in 43 years a tubby man will mock this film on a personal home computer unit."

"Crivens! So it does!"

"Would you like a sausage? I've got plenty."

A Rover P5b (hooray!) driving through one of Croydon's 'Gardens in Bloom'.

Think of your own caption for this brilliant acty-face.



  1. Seriously, one of my favourite films. The crappy heist and subsequent car chase are marvellous. The pre-heist scenes in Lampton Road, Hounslow 1970 are priceless. Usually I cant stand Richard Burton or Lovejoy but this is a treat.

    1. It was definitely a good film, and the heist/chase were ace! I especially liked the money box with the telescopic theft-prevention poles!

      As for locations, I'll watch anything filmed in London made in the '70s/'80s as that was the time I lived in the capital and seeing the exterior scenes always triggers the vague memories from that era.

      Also, the films from that time seem somehow more *struggles for the right word* ...honest? if that makes sense?