Saturday, 18 January 2014

18/01/14 Slaughter Of The Innocents (1993)

A FBI chap who investigates serial killers decides that it's a great idea to take his 11yr old son along to the scenes of fresh murders.
The kid's some sort of spacky mega-brain who's enjoying his early years staring at crime sights and slaughter photos before inevitably turning into a thoroughly disturbed adult who doesn't let the very rare visitors to his bedsit look inside his 'special box' kept in the fridge. Possibly.
Anyway, the film's bumlar toss and child actors annoy us.

Fleshpipe & Sons are pleased to offer this unique character property. In need of slight renovation, it benefits from a south facing lunacy, off-kilter parking and a shared dimensional portal. No onward momentum.

I miss The Crystal Maze.

Amstrad's exciting new home computing product for 2014.

Edward Owl Hands. 

At night, Gary liked to relax with his favourite book...

...Which was full of bondage infants.

This guy's briefly in this film for seemingly no reason. An odd fellow.


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