Friday, 10 January 2014

09/01/14 The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)

Roger Moore plays a chap called Pelham who takes his P5b (my favourite classic car, bloody ace, V8 luxo-tanks) out for a drive and decides to crash it on the M4 heading out of London. Somehow this turns him into two people with evil Pelham making life an arseache for goody Pelham.

*Makes film title joke about the taking of Pelham 1 by 2*

*Hates self for it*

In a dark turn of irony, the director/co-writer of this film, a chap called Basil Dearden, crashed his car on the M4 a year after this was made. He became no people rather than two as it killed him. Less unpleasant is that his birth name was the chucklesome Basil Clive Dear.

Anyway, gotta go to work, so I'll finish this rubbish later.


Hello again, I'm back from work now. Pleasantly quiet shift, thanks for asking.

Anyway, this film's quite dated, the scares and thrills are a little soft by modern tastes, it's pretty slow moving, the acting is as stiff as the 28-piece suits everyone (including the children) wear and the women are are little beyond fluffy decoration, happy to let the important men make the decisions, ...but it is very entertaining, camp and another glimpse of emptier London from forty years ago.

Roger Moore's famously method eyebrows get a good workout in this. Here's 'Righty' doing his thing.

And, of course, good ol' 'Lefty'.

Surely, even if you're not a car person you can dig this beauty? Like a cross between a Rolls Royce and an angry muscle car.

"This blunt is phat. Ya get me, Gangsta?"

"Fo real, Nigga. I'm trippin' balls on this chronic."

Having a poo. Very formal back then.

"Quick nurse! Help me battle this rubber cobra and pass me that bag of Ribena!"

"So, Gentlemen, it's decided. This years Christmas party will be Ministry Of Sound in Ibiza. Smythe-Wilson will be in charge of the pills."


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