Tuesday, 11 March 2014

06/03/14 The Bag Man (2014)

Bobby DeNiro hires Johnny TheCusack to pick up a bag and wait for him in a motel. The motel appears to be some kind of David Lynch theme park with various odd folk and rum buggers using it as the base of their curious activities.

It mostly works, Cusack is bland but DeNiro is flippin' superb in most of his scenes and reminds you that he used to be famous for actually being good at acting an' shit. The vibe is definitely Lynch-lite, but mostly works.

However, it all falls massively to bollocks during the last scene where the director/co-writer, a guy called David Grovic, casts himself in a pointless vanity role which he performs so fucking arsingly bad it almost spoils the entire film and makes you forget that he's potentially highly skilled as a director and writer. Also, the big reveal, where you find out what's in the bag, is floppy bumholes as well.

5/10 (It would be higher if the last scene wasn't such a massive arse wearing a giant hat made from other arses.)

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