Saturday, 29 March 2014

26/03/14 Hog Wild (1980)

Terrible film about a teenage biker gang who display their total disregard for society's rules by attending high school and performing low-level acts of bullying. Most of them also cunningly disguise themselves as men in their thirties.

The main acty person is Michael Biehn who was actually quite young at 24, especially when comparing his squashy childface in this to his gnarly manhead in Terminator made four years later.

Anyway, it's really bumular.

"Yeah, I  pulled out and invested it all in custard. I'm now a pudding millionaire"

Completely heterosexual and everything

"Am I Jeffery from Rainbow?"
"No, you're Kyle Reece"
"Jefferies don't feel pain, I do!"

This guy is meant to be a member of a high school gang. Seriously.

"By the standards of this film, I'm probably about 19."
"Fo shizzle, homeboy... Fuck, me hip's gone."

Marks out of ten for casting?


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