Saturday, 29 March 2014

25/03/14 Robocop (2014)

Remake of the well known vintage flick about the heavily armoured gadget-plod.

The good:
I very much liked the way the dated satire of the original is dropped in favour of a cold cynical portrayal of the modern corporate possession of human activity. Wars are nowt more than commercial expansion, fleshy collateral damage is utterly insignificant in the pursuit of enduring profit and individual emotional connections are an easily hurdled barrier on the path to financial dominance. Pretty much a mirror of the disgusting fucking reality we all live in.

The bad:
Numerous faults, the main ones being the lack of humour and the preservation of  'the hand':

Right, that picture is a still from the film, there's Robocop looking all action-ready and heroic. As you can see, for some reason, he still has a pink, fleshy right hand. Why?

In the original, when Murphy gets shot to wank by Clarence Boddicker and his stooges, they pretty much graft his face onto an Asimovian civil servant. In this one, after he's blasted apart by a car bomb, they preserve his head, neck pipes, respiratory organs and, for some fucking reason, right hand. Why? 

Surely it would have been much more appreciated by Mr & Mrs Murphy if they'd managed to put his wand and pods on ice? Or, just for the random LOL factor, like, a kneecap or some shit?

Oh, I dunno, it just seems like the preserved skin-mitt was completely pointless.

But, yeah, the film was quite entertaining.


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