Saturday, 29 March 2014

25/03/14 The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Unlike almost everyone in the world, we thought the first two Nolan Batman films were shite. People opinion-jizzing over what irrefutable ultra-classics they are, whilst forgetting that they were over-long, camp nonsense about a man dressed up as a fucking bat punching baddies in the face. Kids films that have been bestowed with undeserving profundity and whatnot.

This one was still far too long, nudging three hours, but it was at least entertaining. Anne Hathaway's arse was splendid and the film took the wise direction of focusing on Tom Hardy's Bane as much as it does Batmong. I can't say if Hardy's performance is 'good', it's too cartoony to ponder in the thoughty sense, but it is very, very entertaining and he has some great lines.

That'll do, you've probably seen it anyway.


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