Sunday, 23 March 2014

22/03/2014 Carry On Behind (1975)

A glaring omission from ITV3's Carry On fest over the Christmas period I was pleased to stumble upon this on Film 4 as it's one of my favourite Carry Ons yet isn't shown as often as the others (perhaps due to the absence of Sid 'N' Babs).

This is often muddled up with "....Camping" as it also takes place on a campsite. It follows two unlikely archaeologists investigating some Roman ruins, and the usual selection of tragic middle aged men attempting to cop off with attractive young women who are half their age.  Professor Vooshka (Elke Sommer) was somewhat a heroine to me as a young child. I'd like to give the worthy reason that it's because she's the most  positive female character in all the Carry Ons as she is neither a personality-free dolly bird nor a nagging wife figure, but the reality is I just love the fact that she's so completely bonkers.




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