Thursday, 6 March 2014

05/03/14 Nightmare City (1980)

A man with a beard goes to an airport. A plane lands and lots of portly zombies in suits get off the plane and start whacking people with sticks.

It's Italian.
4/10 or possibly loads more if you're pissed/in the mood for utter ballsack viewing.

"Hands up if you're embarrassed"


"Any chance of a lift?"
"Yes, mate. Jump on, I'll drop you at Tesco."

"The name's Mud, Cedric Mud."

Boris Johnson. Total cunt.

"Look, Gary! It's the 'Shop of Yellow Things' where I bought this jacket."
"Miriam, shut up and get in the jeep before these fuckers wake up from their road siesta."


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