Thursday, 2 April 2015

02/04/15 Mad Max (1979)

The version I watched today was the one with the original audio, not the terrible dubbed version that made its way onto DVD and TV a few years back.

Still a fairly shit film in fairness. Good stunts though, which is probably the point of it more than fine acting.

Really surprised at how young (he was 23 at the time) Mel Gibson looked, before he turned into the racist walnut we all know today.

Super Mario and Brian May often argued. Normally about the usual things, work, money, the kids etc.

"I tell ya, man. Not sure I can take it any more. Lunatics on the road, the desert's almost lawless, theft, murder, gangs.. I dunno. Anyway, how was your day, Max?"

"How do I, a man who looks and dresses like Mr Bean, get so much sex?.."

"Formidable length."

"Gis' a go on yer bike, Mister"
"Why not"
"I'm running in a new clutch. And you're a dog."

Without doubt, the most heterosexual screencap in history.

"Yes bruv! Done the work myself. 5.7 litre V8. Twin carb, crossflow with nitrous. 0-60 in five seconds, quarter of a mile in less than eleven. Jump in, I'll take you for a spin."

Surprising to see Maisie with a shotgun. She normally preferred to use a blade.

Visit Australia, land of culture and refinement.

What a camp pose.


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