Wednesday, 1 April 2015

01/04/15 Cannibal Apocalypse (1980)

Surprisingly dull given the title. Made by Italians. If you want intelligent, thoughty words about Italian films from that era, as well as stuff from all kinds of other places and times, read the excellent blog Pickled Cinema:

Me, however, I think almost every Italian film is vespa flavoured pasta toilet. However, they can be very entertaining, often in ways that weren't intended.

The 2015 Spring/Summer collection is going to be dominated by pale shades. whites and blues, accessorizing with dashes of flame.

"Your coat looks like a twat."
"Fuck off, you old bellamy!"

That actually looks like the sofa I'm currently typing this bilge on. I don't look like Steven Spielberg wearing his mum's shoes though.

This is actually from a different film: "Office Manager 2: Stapler of Justice"

"You seen my favourite Robin Askwith poster anywhere?"

The glasses scream "sex offender!", whereas the hair and 'tache say "Also a sex offender"

A six wheeled, thirty foot ambulance? The fuck is that for? Giraffe emergencies?


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  1. The Cannibal Apocalypse title is an inaccurate reflection of the film - but isn't the original title. Indeed, the Italian title lets on what it is really about. Director Antonio Margheriti was about to embark on his Vietnam war obsession. And that sort of ties in with this: its an alienated vets film. There are loads of films where Vietnam vets go off the rails and thus the cannibal virus in this. The original title of the film, incidentally, translates as Apocalypse Tomorrow, Which I took to be a play on Apocalypse Now.

    Oh and did you notice the rat catching fire- it was clearly an accident. That scene I believe has been cut in earlier UK releases- animal cruelty! (though I guess the definition was stretched to cover accidents). Thanks for the plug for my blog btw. Reallt appreciated.