Sunday, 26 April 2015

25/04/2015 Blackhat (2015)

Or, as Perkin put it, "Browntip".

Ah Michael Man, he should have quit while he was ahead after the excellent Manhunter, Heat and Last of the Mohicans and spared us all this complete drivel about hackers. The height of ridiculous is reached when the Hannibal Lecter of hackers (played by a Hemsworth brother sporting the stock family expression of a mixture of brooding, concentrating on a difficult problem - like remembering his own name - and constipation) mills around ground zero of a recent nuclear meltdown, apparently the small issue of it still being highly radioactive isn't a problem (and why the hell does he need to visit the site anyway, he's investing hacking so there's nothing physical to see.  Despite that we are repeatedly shown the camera PoV travelling down wires and monitors rapidly scrolling green screens of garbled text and/or binary).

Just awful old shite.


"Hang on, am I Luke, Chris or the other one?"


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