Wednesday, 29 April 2015

27/04/15 Residue (2015)

Originally a feature-length pilot for a show that didn't get made according to IMDB. Although IMDB does have a listing for a show with the same name, with the same cast playing the same characters that people have claimed to have seen. So it probably did get made.

Anyway, on New Year's Eve in a future London (basically the same as the current one but with no daylight, apparently), a nightclub explodes.
One of the people who dies is the daughter of a local cop. He could have saved her, but he was busy sitting in a Mk1 Granada drinking and getting mashed off his balls on drugs. Which he buys from a dealer who is also London's most clued-in, omnipresent, all-knowing police informant/tour guide.

The other main players are some guy who works for the Home Office, whose accent travels more than most long distance pilots, and his girlfriend who is a photographer. Because films need that. Someone who 'works' as a photographer. That's original. Why are they always the type of photographer who take wanky pictures of the dispirited urban underclass or symbolic cityscapes and all that? In reality, out of the small number of people in the world who do take photos for a living, most of them work from small, barely afforded studios, where they have to maintain a pretend enthusiasm for awful family portraits whilst a child does a shit on their pastel blue backdrop. Or something.

Anyway, about a month after the explosion, some people start acting a bit funny and killing people or mutilating themselves. Something was released in the attack on the nightclub which is influencing their behaviour. Plod, Home Office, and shutterbug all find themselves involved in the increasingly bizarre mystery behind the explosion.

The acting was mostly good (enough), the locations were impressive, the horror moments quite spooky, the effects good and Mk1 Ganadas are bloody lovely. However the script was woeful arse, really terrible in places. 

That'll do.


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