Wednesday, 29 April 2015

27/04/15 Of Silence (2014)

A man's wife has died so he sells his scuba diving company and stays at home to sit down a lot. He might've had something to do with her death, I couldn't tell. The ghost of his wife is haunting him, in an almost menacing and scary way, which would be suggestive of some level of guilt/involvement in her passing. Or maybe she was just a right arsehole who is still getting on his case from beyond.

If that wasn't enough, his house also seems to be haunted by some demonic Pumpkinhead tribute who is related to/nothing to do with (again, couldn't tell) the whole wife thing.

For the first half of this film, I thought the main fella's performance was quite good. He's docile, numbed, isolated and haunted (in both senses). However, by the end of the film I was strongly suspicious that the actor (also the writer/director) was possibly just asleep, so immobile and placid is his performance. One part in particular, when supposedly at peril of imminent death, his face portrayed the same amount of emotion as someone experiencing a stress-less bowel movement whilst pondering the colour beige.

Not awful, but fossil-paced and void of anything engaging.


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