Wednesday, 4 March 2015

03/13/15 Werewolf Of London (1935)

The Lycanthrope of the title was born in Kentucky and this was filmed in the USA, so surely a better title would've been "An American Werewolf Not In London"?

It's silly old bumsense, some of the acting and dialogue is hilarious, however the funniest moment for me was when, after transforming into the supposedly savage, vicious and uncontrollable werewolf, he puts on a hat and scarf before going out.

"Hello, is that Murder She Wrote?"

"Yes, I think I might be."

"What's the 0-60 on this beast?"
"About forty-two minutes"
"Sweet bruv!"


"Good heavens! This issue of Reader's Ankles is enough to make a chap drop his custard!"

"You on Twitter?"
"Yes, I'm @chapwolf80. You?"
"I'm @fist-pig"


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