Wednesday, 18 March 2015

--/03/15 The Trollenberg Terror (1958)

Also called The Crawling Eye. Which kinda gives away what the monster that's been killing people in a mountain resort looks like. A big Octopus/Eye hybrid. Made of cardboard.

British people who aren't children might recognise Warren Mitchell, best known for playing Alf Garnet. When this film was made, he was 32 years old. Seriously, this is him, on the left, at thirty-two years old, on the pull with a mate who's probably in his mid-twenties:

I assume he's supposed to be playing older, but blimey, he had a tough paper round!

Anyway, the film's silly old arse about some giant monster eyeballs killing people up a mountain. That's probably enough to tell you if it appeals.

"Me? Bobble hat. You wearing the leather ear-tits?"

"Sure am, buddy!"

Being a Citroen, this probably fell over or exploded after this scene was filmed.

"Dude! You seen this shit? Watch what they do with that cup!"

"You smell like a puddle!"
"You love it."


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