Saturday, 7 March 2015

06/03/15 Prototype (1983)

Film about a ultra realistic man-shaped robot created by a lab full of computer boffins. It has the most deceptive box art in history:

You look at that and think "Wow! This is gonna be some Terminator-like film about a rampaging death-bot that kills many people in a rage of microchip fury!" A bit like:

They could be sisters, eh?

But no, this is a woolly TV film about a simpleton metal manchild who goes on the run with his grumpy but caring creator to avoid him being exploited by the military. Much closer to a Meccano version of Rain Main than a T-800 death machine. 
The first Terminator film had the terrifying vision of our creations turning against us and destroying the planet, in this film we have a very young and very slim David Morse bimbling around in awful trousers with the menacing presence of a Labrador puppy.

Actually looks a bit like a Labrador puppy as well.

Yes, a petrifying, 95lb streak of puppy.

So, yeah, that stuff and whatnot.


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