Wednesday, 18 March 2015

18/03/15 Night Of The Demon (1957)

A big sausage of nonsense about a man with a pointy beard who can summon a big puppet and some logical chain-smokers who don't believe that he can.

Bet she is! Fnar! Etc.

"Would you like to buy a painting of my balls?"
"Er...Actually, yes."

"Have laptops been invented yet?"
"Fuck it! This must be a book then."

Britain was far less populated back then which allowed us to create bigger houses for everyone. This chap is returning home to his modest two bedroom terrace.

"Do you like my shed?"
"No, it's small and shit."

"Five-way, then?"

"Hello? May I order a pizza?"

"Surprisingly, yes."

Abandoned as a baby, the stones raised him as one of their own.

Lane discipline wasn't much of a thing back then.

Look at those hotties! It's like the original version of that film 'Coyote Ugly'.


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